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Started in March 2010, Kent Dairy Company Limited is a wholesale delivery company of high quality farm fresh milk and dairy produce covering all of Kent, Surrey, East Sussex and London South of the River Thames.

We are one the UK’s leading foodservice suppliers with distribution centres strategically placed to ensure we keep our food miles small.


Our centres are based in

  • Southampton/Hampshire

  • East Anglia

  • Somerset /Gloucester

  • Hertfordshire/ London

  • Kent

  • The Midlands

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Each distribution depot is built to an infrastructure which allows us to reduce the distance to our Customers!


We operate a renewal program on our vehicles to ensure we have the most fuel efficient and work closely with our suppliers to continually monitor this.


Our plastic bottles are made from recycled bottles and can be recycled within many local authority recycling schemes.

Please see link below to give you more information about how to become more environmentally friendly.


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For a number of years KDC Group have held accreditation to enable supply into the NHS, schools and the Public Sector. In 2016 SALSA accreditation was obtained which enabled the addition of the Red Tractor logo to be added to the milk. Accreditation from Organic Farmers and Growers is also held for the increasing amount of Organic milk being processed.

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