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Pensworth work with over 130 Independent Dairymen and Women and ‘Bottled Milk Buyers’ who supply over 100,000 customers with their daily delivery of milk and dairy products. To take advantage of this first class service please complete our form and we will put you in touch with your local milkman or woman.


Prime Unsmoked Back Bacon

Prime Smoked Back Bacon

Broken Biscuits Plain

Broken Biscuits Chocolate

Potatoes White

Potatoes White

Unit Size

170 g

170 g

1.2 kg

1 kg

2 kg

5 kg

At Home

Kitchen Roll

Aluminium Foil

Cling Film

Freezer Bags

Toilet Rolls

Multi-Purpose Compost

Unit Size

Pack of 2


30cm x 150m

Pack of 40

Pack of 9

40 ltr

Pensworth Home Delivery Logo.png

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