What is Foodservice?

Foodservice relates to business customers. Pensworth deliver to thousands of businesses, hotels, shops and restaurants every year as well as supplying various areas of the catering trade.

How do I become a Foodservice customer?

If you would like to have fresh milk and dairy products delivered to your business, please click here.

How do I pay my Foodservice bill?

To pay your Foodservice / Business bill please click here.

What is Doorstep?

Doorstep relates to household customers. Pensworth deliver fresh milk and dairy products to over 100,000 doorstep customers every year.

What is Whole Milk?

Whole milk is standardised to a minimum fat content of 3.6%. Typical Values (per 100ml) Energy 280kj/67 kcal Protein 3.2g Carbohydrate 4.7g Fat 3.6g Calcium 120mg

What is Semi-Skimmed Milk?

Semi skimmed milk is the most popular type of milk in the UK with a fat content of 1.6%. Typical Values (per 100ml) Energy 202kj/48 kcal Protein 3.4g Carbohydrate 5.0g Fat 1.6g Calcium 122mg

What is Skimmed Milk?

Skimmed milk has a fat content of 0.1%. Skimmed milk therefore has nearly all the fat removed. Typical Values (per 100ml) Energy 145kj/34 kcal Protein 3.4g Carbohydrate 5.0g Fat 0.1g Calcium 124mg

What is Homogenised Milk

Homogenised milk is identical in fat and nutrient content to whole milk or whole standardised milk. However, it has undergone a specific process known as “homogenisation” which breaks up the fat globules in the milk. This spreads the fat evenly throughout the milk and prevents a creamy layer forming at the top.